Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum credit score I need for a loan?

We can go down to 580 credit score on an FHA loan. For purchase loans, we may even be able to offer a no credit score program based on alternative tradelines.

Why choose Capitol City Lending for my home loan?

We have a wide range of loan programs that are competitively priced. Using the latest technology, we have made the borrowing process simple and convenient. We can offer you a competitive rate and eliminate fees associated with arranging the loan by offering lender credit. Our commitment is to provide top quality service.

How do I know which mortgage loan is right for me?

This is what our personal service is all about, helping you make the best loan choice for your specific needs. Our loan officers are experienced professionals with knowledge covering a wide range of home loan programs. Each loan officer is able to explain the advantages of appropriate loan programs considering the specific financial goals of the customer.

What kinds of loans does Capitol City Lending offer?

We have a wide range of loans to suite your needs. Whether you need to purchase a home loan with minimal down payment or you need to refinance your super jumbo loan, we can help!

We offer: FHA, FHA Streamlines, Conventional, VA, VA IRRRL, USDA, Fixed rate, Adjustable rate, First Time Homebuyer/Down Payment Assistance, CHDAP, Platinum, HARP 2.0

How do FHA loans compare to conventional loans?

Conventional loans usually require a larger down payment. And, if you have less than perfect credit you may not qualify for many conventional loans even if the interest rates and fees are comparable to FHA. The best thing to do is compare the cost of the conventional loan to an FHA loan line-by-line. What are the fees on each? What is the interest rate? How much is the mortgage insurance on each? How much down payment is required? For some borrowers, a conventional loan may be less expensive. For many others, it will be more expensive than FHA.

What if my credit is less than perfect?

Capitol City Lending offers programs for consumers whose credit has been impaired in the past. If you have a history of bankruptcy, late payments or other credit problems, we are here to help you determine possible financing options.

What is the minimum down payment required for a home loan?

We offer home loans with down payments as low as 2.25%. That would be a $2,250 down payment for a $100,000 purchase price.